Participating in pyweek29

Beginning of the Competition

And again it’s like Groundhog day every time wkmanire and I decide to participate in pyweek. We have been participating for several years now. Once again we take on the challenge to stitch together a game in one week. As always the community decided on the theme for the current competition. This time they decided that “The Butterfly Effect” is the way to go. In our first meeting wkmanire and I agreed, that this time we want to create a Point’n’Click adventure. The Player is the sole survivor of a spaceship and needs to send a distress signal. Hopefully a bypassing ship will pick up the signal and rescue the hero.

On our first day we were able to setup the basic navigation and map features as well as a gather a lot of ideas for puzzles and a rough outline of the complete story. Next we will focus on implementing the mechanics for the puzzles and chaining together all the pieces.

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